Dating breadwinner wives

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Dating breadwinner wives

Farnoosh Torabi is a financial expert, author and speaker, but she’s also a breadwinning woman, and in her new book, “When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women,” Torabi uses her own experience, as well as a host of research, to explore how a woman’s paycheck can impact her dating life, relationships, and marriage.

As a female breadwinner with some qualms about that arrangement it turns out I have a lot of company.

By Richard Fry and D’Vera Cohn The institution of marriage has undergone significant changes in recent decades as women have outpaced men in education and earnings growth.

These unequal gains have been accompanied by gender role reversals in both the spousal characteristics and the economic benefits of marriage.

You have refereed a lot of heated dinner party conversations about female breadwinners. Well, money, for both genders, is a very emotional topic.

And then when you add to the topic this layer of gender complexity, and people coming at this idea of a woman earning more with such different ideas of whether it’s appropriate or not, or how they would feel about it, or how this dynamic can or can not work, or whether it’s healthy.

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And while she did find couples who are navigating the dynamic with success, she also found breadwinning women who feel resentful of their partners and find themselves asking: What do I need you for?

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