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So if the advice to women is good and the advice to men is good, what seems to be the problem here? So really, it doesn’t matter that e Harmony is actually giving good advice that would be generally effective for most men and women. And before I close, I just wrote a newsletter about this concept as well.

What really sets the author off is that the tips given to men are more active than passive. Unless you think men should write dull emails or try not to stand out. But acknowledging that would completely undermine the vitriol of the piece and the undercurrent of sexism that the author is looking to find.

Oh, and in case you doubt the claim that women receive more emails than men, and thus, don’t bear the same burden of being witty and interesting, click here. People who list their resumes still don’t understand that this is not how people connect emotionally to strangers.

Tell the reader how he/she benefits from being in a relationship with you – don’t tell us how damn great you are.

You want him to feel great about the date, don’t you?

Well, what seems to drive the author crazy is that the advice to men and women is . All that matters is that she got to be snarky about the patriarchy. The gist of it is that, in my experience – having written more online dating profiles (for better or worse) than anyone on the planet – the most important thing you can express in a profile (whether you’re a man or a woman) is what the READER gets out of dating you. And his profile – if it’s well-done – should be about YOU, YOU, YOU.

It’s very rare you see two masculine women together.”“People have a preconceived notion from society of the norm, where a man and a women are suppose to be together.

And people just translate that to homosexuality relationship, for a relationship to work you’re suppose to have that dynamic…but you dont!

He's polite, kind, thoughtful—exactly the type of guy your mom has always envisioned for you and who you, despite your best efforts, view more as friend than boyfriend material. But here are some factoids that support the idea that these gender roles are changing: Men may be realizing that they are more than a wallet and they can be fulfilled in life and relationships by more than having a paycheck and window office.By the same token, women may wish to be fulfilled by their passions and gifts in the outer world as well as being a mother and homemaker.In my experience as a dating coach, some men and women are still pretty traditional.Many singles are confused about gender roles when dating and some men and women are consciously departing from traditional gender stereotypes in order to create more equal romantic relationships.

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions geared towards both a gay men and lesbian women from curious strangers who just can’t resist.