Dns server not updating records

Posted by / 09-Nov-2016 00:05

I created my reverse zone and added a forward zone bigorange.local - when I add computers to my domain, DNS is not updated with their IP address and hostname.

I do not understand what I need to check, as I have never had this problem.

When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. It is the time it takes for the domain DNS to refresh the cache on the network.

You can always check where your domain is pointing by the following domain routing tool.

Visual Domain Routing Tool You can also ping and trace route your domain locally from your Windows/Mac command prompt to verify what IP you are actually seeing.

In this case, you would need to add a CNAME for “store” or “blog” to the DNS record for

When you add a new subdomain, such as store.or blog.yourdomainname.com, it’s important to ensure that you have added the appropriate DNS record for the site to resolve.

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Using Netflow, I could see the ip address of the offender but couldnt see the hostname of the computer/workstation that was the offender.