Interracial dating novels

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Often, though, the idea of being racially colorblind can have negative, not just positive, connotations. Being colorblind more often simply allows people with racial privilege (in the United States, people of European ancestry) to ignore or pretend that their racial privilege does not in fact exist.

As Randy Ross, a senior equity specialist at the New England Equity Assistance Center, a program of Brown's University Education Alliance, is quoted as noting, "I have never heard a teacher of color say 'I don't see color'....

In the wake of the success of ABC's soap drama SCANDAL, there seems to be a heightened awareness of interracial relationships, especially those involving black women and non-black men.

Although these types of relationships may seem like "something new" (referencing a movie a few years ago), actually this pairing, as well as other racial pairings, are hardly new and have existed since men of various lands found means to sail to other hemispheres and encounter the "foreign" women living there.

To find something small within yourself reflected on the page? Gone are the days where we couldn’t picture ourselves in any story because every main character fit one mold — white, straight and basically perfect.

Now, YA books feature characters of all races, genders, sexuality etc.

Even with laws in place, rancor will survive in some hearts.

But, fortunately, love can ameliorate some of the hate.

Jake has been in the media so much that his endorsements are at risk so he must clean up his act as soon as possible. Whether you’re Asian, a member of the LGBTQ community, a person of color, or whomever else, there’s a young adult novel calling your name!Charlotte Jones and Jake Ross are two people that when you come in contact with them you can feel the fire.Yet is there no room in the genre for romances that gesture toward, or even confront, the difficulties that interracial couples might face in our purportedly post-racial society?Not only from social and institutional prejudices and stereotypes, but also from the different kinds of privilege that those from different races have been, through their own upbringings, taught to expect from life and love?

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In addition to the visual media now depicting interracial couples as "normal" (thanks largely in part to Shonda Rimes and her stable of shows), there is also a burgeoning genre in literature that only a few seem to know about. At least one mainstream romance reader in the comments section of a romance book blog seemed taken aback by what she mused was a growing proliferation of romance novels depicting white heroes and black heroines in love matches.