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This might be expected to place me in the 'better together' unionist camp, alongside the three major parties of the 35-year British neo-liberal economic consensus; Conservative, Liberal Democrats and Labour. To explain why, I'm going to crave the reader's indulgence and ask you to stick with me on a long digression to Southall, through the 1970s.

As a teenager I spent a lot of time down in this west London suburb with my Aunt Jessie.

I guess maybe, despite her own pushy characters, in between Mr.

Darcy with his sexy accents and Hugh Grant with his killer smile, there are other qualities in British men that, probably after spending a couple months with him, would not be amusing anymore.: politeness, failure to speak out, and not demonstrating their feelings.

British men, she says, are gentle and caring and honest.

It was an instant stellar love affair, and one that evaporated the substantial differences between them.

Most people from Scotland, to varying degrees, tend to identify themselves as Scottish and/or British.

For personal reasons (and we're all products of our past, as well as, hopefully, visionaries of our futures) I've always felt a strong emotional connection to both.

They will receive your message and if they like the look of you they may want to respond.

In order to complete the process of making contact both members have to be "full" members, which comes at cost - a very reasonable cost when you consider that we are putting you in touch with someone who could change your life. Full membership gives you a secure and interactive platform in which total communication can commence, with an easy environment from which you can manage your relationships safely - either making progress towards a meeting, or letting someone down gently if you find they are not for you.

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Franco's admission this morning gave the controversy credibility after many initially thought it was a delayed April Fool's prank or some bizarre form of viral marketing for his upcoming film where Franco, playing a teacher, strikes up a sexual relationship with his teenage student, played by Emma Roberts.

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