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Keep reading to discover the five sites that have taken the best of Craigslist, refined the process, and made it easier than ever to buy and sell online.Depending on the venue used, other terms used in the media are Internet chat room killer, Craigslist killer, Facebook serial killer.Such killers have used forms of social networking to attract victims long before the advent of the internet.For example, between 19, Hungarian serial killer Béla Kiss lured his 24 victims by using personal ads published in newspapers.George Wilkinson Jr., 21, faces a misdemeanor charge after Tallahassee Police say he advertised to have sex with dogs and their owners in two separate ads in April.It's against Florida law to knowingly advertise to have sexual intercourse with an animal.

The designers behind the label, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, are known as risk-takers in the fashion world.

Nearly two years ago, Jason Fortuny placed a fake sex ad on Craigslist pretending to be a woman seeking casual sex, and then published the photographs of anyone who responded.

Now one of his victims has filed a ,000 lawsuit against Fortuny in U. District Court, and this summer (after four months of effort) finally obtained a valid address for Fortuny and issued a summons.

Start by telling us the exact problem: Craigslist: How do I report a fake Craiglist account using my phone number?

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"You Ironically, the day after filing the lawsuit, John Doe's attorney had to ask the court to delete the copyright application because it revealed his embarrassed client's real name.

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